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“Paying it forward. The secret to living is giving.”

The purpose of this excerpt is to share my story and why I am doing what I am doing. Maybe you can imaging yourself in my shoes through this experience?


When I started my first business, selling on Amazon, I wished I had a successful mentor. Through the financial and emotional struggles of running a business, failing over and over again and loosing money, I knew there had to be a better way.

What did these successful entrepreneurs do that made the money? What were their strategies and blueprints? I only wish I knew.

From being ripped off by my manufacturer, getting my Amazon accounts shutdown, loosing my business to malicious counterfeiters and  bad products and having to seek a second investment from my parents to get started, I have experienced a lot of difficult times. Nevertheless, I pushed through it all and ultimately now experience success in the Amazon space.

I have also experienced great times. From traveling to over 7 countries last year networking, sourcing products or for fun to helping my own mentors make over mid six figures on one product in a single month using a strategy I provided, I am blessed to have the life I live, which I have sculpted from hard work, perseverance, honesty, risk tolerance and not giving up. Even the ability to do fun things like renting a exotic car and driving on the autobahn for a few days, funding my dream college tuition or having the money to give to others and travel to see family I haven’t seen for over 5 years, I made it happen. And I know you can do the same if you have the right resources and, more importantly, resourcefulness to seek out a solution. You deserve success.

I remember the scary moments when I stared at my business and had absolutely no idea on how I was going to make it. Or trying to fall asleep at night scared and angry about  how I had been wronged by my manufacturer and lost thousands of dollars. If only I had that strategy from someone successful that would sell my products or convert better. If only I had that one technique that would revolutionize my business. I would just have to replicate it and I would be successful.

I searched, networked, invested in myself, met with others, took courses and did everything I knew to find the strategies.

I now want to do you the same favor and give back. I made myself a promise when I ultimately became successful at this business, I would share my resources with others.


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All proceeds will go to Water Wells for Africa for my mission to build one water well that will supply clean water to thousands of families and children, who could otherwise die from cholera and other terrible infections due to polluted water. This is a charitable contribution and can be written off your 2018 tax return.

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